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It has never been more vital to be able to rely on an audit than today. That is why HLB makes every effort to ensure that audits are carried out consistently and with a high standard.
HLB International’s Audit Committee ensures the latest international auditing standards are incorporated into the International Audit Manual, which forms the basis for multi-national audit work.
A global quality assurance programme requires that all HLB International member firms pass a “peer review” regularly.
International audits, audits of Capital Market Boards of Turkey, audits of Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency, audits of General Directorate of Insurance, audits of Energy Market Regulatory Authority and special audits are carried out in accordance with the International Standards on Auditing (ISA) by our experienced team members.

HLB’s global Tax team supports businesses with international operations to align tax duties with corporate strategy. We offer a full range of services including transfer pricing, VAT, tax planning and compliance and expatriate tax services.

Today’s business climate and the growth of cross border transactions mean more companies need tax specialists with a combination of global and local capabilities.
HLB can provide tax planning and support both local and global business advisory service from its global network.

Services include:
-Ratification of corporate tax returns and income tax returns,
-Tax planning,
-Tax consultancy,
-Ratification of vat returns,
-Mergers and acquisitions,
-Tax treaty interpretation,
-Cross-border licensing,
-Transfer pricing,
-Export tax incentives,
-Tax equalization,
-Tax cases,

-Regulations related to foreign employees.

Other Services :

Business Structuring
Business cannot expect to survive in today’s world economy without a clear sense of purpose and a strategy to reach goals.
HLB support clients as they plan and adapt to meet the challenges of going global.
HLB offer local and global strategic planning and business consultancy to clients, whether entrepreneurial or traditional, so they can realise their global ambitions ahead of competitors. HLB can help you strategically plan your global future.

Corporate Finance
Every corporate finance deal brings a specific set of challenges requiring specialist knowledge and experience.
HLB, through its global network of member firms, provides businesses with corporate finance advice and support across a range of issues.
HLB transfer corporate finance resources, expertise and experience from around the world to client with conferences, meetings, etc.
HLB International’s corporate finance services include:
• Initial public offerings (IPOs)
• International merger, acquisition and joint venture activity
• Fundraising
• Due diligence.
Financing a business internationally requires specific skills. The HLB can help guide you through the processes and help deliver results.

Risk Management
All businesses face risk. Anything from unexpected personnel problems to breakdowns of machinery can bring heavy losses. It is important for companies to constantly re-evaluate processes and adapt to change. There are risks at every stage that need to be identified, prioritised and managed.
HLB provides risk management advice and supports through the global network with services including
• Fraud prevention
• Due diligence, forensic accounting and litigation support
• Internal audit, including IT
• Environmental audits.
• Risk management consultancy
All businesses face risk. The key is to prevent, evaluate, adapt and monitor.

Government & Not-for-profit organisations

The needs of government and not-for-profit organisations often differ from those required from profit-making organisations. This said, the not-for-profit sector still requires advisers with skills honed in the commercial world if they are going to perform well.

HLB has wide experience of advising and assisting government and not-for-profit agencies across the world.

Please contact our offices on +90 (212) 227 5019 or via email at mailbox@hlbsaygin.com.tr and find out how HLB can support you.

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