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HLB’s global Tax team supports businesses with international operations to align tax duties with corporate strategy. We offer a full range of services including transfer pricing, VAT, tax planning and compliance and expatriate tax services. Today’s business climate and the growth of cross border transactions mean more companies need tax specialists with a combination of global and local capabilities.
HLB SAYGIN can provide tax planning and support both local and global business advisory service from its global network.


Company Philosophy
Our company values ​​and our understanding of providing service and working to our customers constitute our philosophy.
Customer Relations
We strive to add value to our relationships with customers by demonstrating our knowledge, talent and efforts.
Particular attention is paid to the fact that our customers are individuals and companies that have the virtues of integrity and honesty and who will benefit from our services. We try to help our clients define and achieve their goals and take them into account when setting targets for the businesses they already own and operate.
Employee Relations
We do not consider our employees only as human resources. When members of the staff apply to our guidance on professional, moral, technical and, if necessary, personal guidance, they assist them in achieving their individual goals, which also serve the company’s objectives. Communication, orientation, training play an important role in communication with the team.
Relations with Professional Chambers
We care about the membership of our partners and employees in professional chambers and encourage them to become active members. Considering that the individual attitudes and behaviours of the members of the profession will be attributed to the whole profession, we avoid behaviours that may harm the reputation of our profession.
Company Goals
Our first goal as a company is to fulfil our obligation to serve our customers and our profession within the framework of the quality expected from professionals.
* To provide our customers with perfect personalized service in all areas of supervision and consultancy,
* To provide excellent service to customers without compromising the high level of professional quality, honesty and independence of the company,
* To contribute to increase the prestige of accounting profession in our country
* To create opportunities for personal and professional development within the company, to develop skills and inter-employee relations, to reward achievements,
* Continuously improving our professional skills and expertise, diversifying our services and expanding our customer portfolio are the goals we are trying to fulfil.
Our Service Approach
Providing the highest level of service to our customers within the framework of laws and professional standards is our way of working and our primary goal. We strive to achieve this goal by offering all of our company’s professional capabilities and capabilities to our customers on time to meet their ever-changing needs.
To provide perfect professional service to each of our customers, we try to carry out each job we undertake in accordance with the following principles.
* To have complete information about the customer and the sector in which it operates to properly evaluate the events and the conditions that give birth to them, the financial structure and development of the company.
* Correctly identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the customer’s accounting and internal control system and all kinds of internal communication systems to make effective recommendations and achieve the targeted objectives.
* To determine the situations that may have a positive impact on the activities and conditions of the customer and to inform them about the possible measures to be taken.
* To pay attention to the issues directly related to the individual companies to ensure maximum benefit from our services.
Professional Services
We provide competent and fast service in the fields of classical professional services such as consultancy, tax audit and independent audit.
* Our consultancy services include business administration, accounting, finance, financial legislation and other relevant legislation (CMB, BRSA, EMRA, etc.).
* Our tax audit service includes the determination and approval of whether the financial statements and declarations of real and legal persons or their undertakings and enterprises comply with the provisions of the legislation, accounting principles and accounting standards.
Our independent audit service, auditing, financial statements based on the documents, financial legislation and/or relevant upper boards (CMB, BRSA, EMRA etc.) and various national or international accounting standards (IFRS, US GAAP, German GAAP etc.) It is carried out in various ways such as giving written opinions, preparing reports and the like.

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